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Club Land'Or
Resort Reviews

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Overall Rating: 5
7 user ratings (based on 5.0 scale)

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1. Reviewer's Rating: (Not Recommended - 2 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2009-04-09 00:00:00
My husband and I stayed at the resort from 1/28 – 4/1 and were pretty disappointed with the service. When we checked in, it was clear that the air conditioning that was set on 50, ran constantly and the temp in the room was 85 was clearly not working. Also, the kitchen overhead light was not coming on when the switch was turned on, but would eventually turn on when least expected. We reported these two issues immediately and were told that the maintenance person was already out and about. These items were not repaired, nor did they report the situation to us at anytime during our stay. On Tuesday after an all day boat trip, we came back to a flooded room. After it was reported, we came back to the room and the stove was pulled out and again no status on the situation. After much complaining and insisting, we were given a coupon for dinner at their restaurant, a room key for another room so we could shower and use the bathroom because now all the water was turned off in the room. The next day we asked if they would be able to fix the problem and after first telling us that they could, they then came back and said we had to move to another room. So we packed up for the one day and moved. The resort is definitely old and even the renovated rooms are still not up to what they should be given the money you spend with the weekly RCI fee and then the added $25 per person per day! The continental breakfast coupons were great, but even after asking for another cup of coffee we were ignored. So as long as you know there are not refills, etc. you’re fine. The over all staff was not helpful, but Kudos to the bar staff who really made the effort to be pleasant. The BBQ’s and Rose Island trip were well worth the money. Had the rest of the resort staff been more friendly, this would have been a much more pleasant trip even without all of the issues we encountered. The online description gives the impression that the resort is located close to the Atlantis beach, but it is quite a trek to the beach. There is public beach access, but it is about 7 blocks from the resort unless you “sneak” through the Atlantis resort. You should also make sure you don’t leave anything as the housekeeping staff did not turn in a sweater (with a brooch attached) to the front desk after we checked out. I wore it on the plane ride over, but I had not worn the sweater during our stay and noticed it was not with me when we checked into another Paradise Island resort. I called the front desk and was told nothing had been turned in, but that’s the last place it was seen. The icing on the cake was the $50 per ($25 per person) day charge when we checked out, which we were not told about when checking in. With this being a first RCI experience, I’m not sure if this is the status quo for the resorts.
-Review courtesy of Fredericka Eubanks (stayed during Mar, 2009)
2. Reviewer's Rating: (Not Recommended - 2 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2009-05-10 00:00:00
Best things about resor tProximity to Atlantis. If you buy the Atlantis beach pass for $140 dollars you will be able to use the pools, restaurants, movie theaters and most amenities at Atlantis. The beach tour is nice, it is not a private island but it is nice to get away, and the food and drinks were nice and the on board photographer does a nice set of photos for $50. The staff do their best with what they have. They admit they know you have seen nicer units. There were many other Canadians their when we were, all the other guests were friendly. The resort is small enough that you do meet other people. Best attractions or restaurants nearbyJohnny Rockets, Anthony's Grill, Bimni Road, Columbus Tavern, Marina Pizza, $3 Ferry to downtown, Senor Frogs, all the stores at Atlantis, the stores in the plaza across the street, Atlantis beach, aquarium, marina, city tour from the resort, beach trip from the resort ReviewIf you are going to this place to spend time at the resort do not go. If you are looking for a cheap place to sleep while you enjoy Atlantis, then go ahead, but I would not recommend it. You cannot plan to use the kitchen to make full meals. You will have to go out to eat often. Drinks start at $10. Meals start at $20 and go up to $200. Do not go to the Bahamian Club the food is just over priced. Johnny Rockets is an easy, and affordable place to go with the family. Beware the taxi drivers and shop owners downtown are all looking to maximize their earning opportunities, so be careful with your money, bargain, and confirm prices ahead of time. With one week "at" Atlantis we did not get to see everything. The water park is amazing and does cost $100 a day, but with the Atlantis beach pass you can get in sometimes. Land Or is old and run down, it is hard to exchange a gold week for this but the Bahamas are the nicest place we have visited. In comparison to Cayman, Cozumel, Florida and Dominican the water is clear, safe to drink, and there is so much to do! The rooms do have a musty smell and anyone with allergies will not be able to stay in the rooms. The sliding door did not lock in our room. We had to ask for towels and an ice tray that we never got. The resort does charge $50 a day per couple for a resort levy. The pool is backyard sized. The marina often has large boats that block your view. Before our check in we were offered a better room for another $250. The restaurant costs about $300 for dinner! The cable at the resort is intermittent.
-Review courtesy of lisa (stayed during Apr, 2009)

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