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Alpenland Sporthotel - American Resorts International
Resort Review

Home Resort Reviews Alpenland Sporthotel - American Resorts International Review

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Overall Rating: 5
3 user ratings (based on 5.0 scale)

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1. Reviewer's Rating: (Average - 3 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2009-09-13 00:00:00
My husband and I spent two weeks at the Alpenland Sporthotel. We traded our large condo in Florida for a small hotel room. The room and hotel are very clean but dated and worn out. We had a very small refrigerator, that was stocked with very expensive drinks. The TV was circa 1980, all channels in (no more than 10) were in German. We did get CNN, that played the same loop over and over again. Frequently, the room smelled like sewage, we notified the front desk, but nothing was done about the smell. We didn't spend much time in the room, needless to say. Friendly, is not a word I would use to describe most of the staff. Upon arriving, after 21 hour trip, I was welcomed by the desk manager asking me how much I paid the driver who picked us up at the airport. It seems, I should not have paid the driver directly. I had several e-mails with this manager prior to our coming to Austria concerning the transportation, he never indicated that he would pay the driver and bill my credit card. There is a bar in the hotel, called Wally's. On our first night there we went to the bar. There were about 6 people sitting a the bar, and one couple sitting in a little alcove. All turned to stare at us. We sat at a table in the alcove. After waiting for several minutes for the bartender to take our order, my husband went to the bar and ordered a coke and a beer. The bartender said he would bring the drinks to us. An overaged female bar fly turned to ask if we were English. I said yes, she said well hello my name is Heidi, everyone at the bar started laughing. A very uncomfortable moment. When, we got up to pay the tab, my husband asked the bartender if he any suggestions for finding good German food. The bartender snapped in a very nasty tone, first of all you are in Austria not Germany. Austria has better food than Germans. We tried to make light conversation with him but he continued to be surly. The pool and spas are nice. The athletic director is very nice and friendly. The Italian restaurant is very good, with a friendly staff. We did not choose to be on the food plan. We found, great bakeries and delis that were very good and cost less. They have two computers in lobby area, that can be used. The cost is 1 euro for 10 minutes. Washer and dryer are available. Iron etc also. The room and appliances very clean. We had stayed away from Wally's after the first night. On our last afternoon, we decided to try again. The bar was empty, except for the surly bartender. My husband asked me what was in the drink I like to fix at home. I answered in a low voice Peach Schnapps and...... before I could say the next ingredient, the bartender said we do not have Peach Schnapps. Only Americans still ask for Peach Schnapps. Europeans never ask for that, we have been over Peach Schnapps for thirty years. Americans are behind the Europeans. The Americans also ask for peppermint. I wasn't even talking to the pig nor did I order Peach Schnapps. We left without a word, the bartender still going on on about what Europeans order. I was very angry and went to the front desk to report this arrogant, anti-American pig. All the person at the desk said was I am sorry. I plan on filing a formal complaint. He is there to serve. He needs to keep his bigotry to himself while working with all nationalities. We had considered, buying another week, if one was available prior to coming to the Alpenland Sportshotel but would never stay there again.
-Review courtesy of Diane Lung (stayed during Sep, 2009)

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