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Hiawatha Manor West at Lake Tansi
Resort Reviews

Home Resort Reviews Hiawatha Manor West at Lake Tansi Reviews

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Overall Rating: 3
4 user ratings (based on 5.0 scale)

Rate Crossville

1. Reviewer's Rating: (Horrible - 1 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2009-09-26 00:00:00
I call the place the vacation from Hell. There were bugs in our beds and we came home with scabies.
-Review courtesy of patricia soule (stayed during Sep, 2009)
2. Reviewer's Rating: (Horrible - 1 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2011-04-26 00:00:00
Resort review page does not go up to 2011!! Screwed up like bothe of these two in crossville , TN. We stayed April 16 to 23 at both places here!!! Both horrible, dirty, extremely rude check in by Shela Lindsey, as well as insulting, and acusatory! 1st villa, smelled, 12 to 20 stairs to the bedrooms, and wires running across the hallway floor! "This we were told was their only handicapped unit! My wife said we would try it anyway, but started choking on the fumes given off by the sleeper sofa!! I asked what she was talking about and touched the couch. My hand got all sticky and smelly! We called the fron desk and asked for an exchange. We described the conditions and were told, take it up with RCI, they booked this for you. We told the lady, Ms. Shela Lindsey, we did call here and had a 3way conversation with RCI and you and we were told no stairs! The Lovely & now getting rude Ms Lindsey next gave us a condemed unit. The Sofa Bed was broken, screws across the floor, and the mattress across the Dining Room Table, not to mention ants crawling around the counters, dirty floors, dirt and trash under the bed! We called & returned to the office and were offered another unit!! So far we were offered units on both sides of the resort! We spend 30 minutes in each one trying to make it work! The third one had no heat in the bedroom!! Very little heat in the living room and none in the bedroom. I looked at the water heater and it was all rusted around the fittings. We went back to the office and said we would take the one with the mattress across the dining room table and try and close the broken sofa-bed. We were asked if we used the facilities, or the toilets in the last unit,(it took us 30 minutes to find each villa because of their weird and screwed up numbering system!) because it took us an hour to return from this one! I told Shela, "No". Then she snapped are you sure You didn't use the bathrooms? Did you use anything or make any changes in there? When I told her we just tried to get the heat up, and I used a paper towel to kill a big bug in the kitchen. This woman went almost ballistic on us. Yelling, theres no pleasing you is there, you will find something wrong with everything. I told her, look lady, you asked me a question and I answered it, theres no need to act like that! I then told her I was an investigator and did take pictures of each place, and didn't want to be held responsible for what I found. She told me, I am so happy you were an investigator, I feel so much safer now , knowing that you are here! I asked for the managers name and was told, she knows all about you and how you are not satisfied with your villas. In fact, she is waiting for you to call. Then told, I don't know who told you this was a 5 star resort but it isn't!! She said you can call her Monday. Extremely Rude and Insulting! When I called the property Manager, Ms Gail Boles, I was told there was no reason for her to be so rude to you and she will be fired. I was also told, She must still be upset becaus, she is a single woman, and 6 weeks ago she was working in her garden and someone robbed her. However there is no excuse for the way she acted and she will be fired! We were also told Shela only works one day a week, and for our troubles we could stay a few days later if we liked. Then we got about 15 appologies from her and she said she would send over the maintenance crew who make up the list about not renting this unit out, and all employees knew it! A few hours later, around 2 pm two maintenance wokers came and took apart the sofa-bed and exchanged the inside frame with one from another unit! They also told us, Gail is tough, she fired that woman. And again the sob story of she was almost raped while working in her garden a few weeks ago. Bottom line, 3 nasty villas out of three!! Three other couples checking in with similar problems. Villas all poorly maintained, all villas had dirty couches in them, Nasty tasting water, or some other problem, oh yea, the toilet in our villa was like a rocking horse, You sit down and it moved, and the lake in front of our villa was a water treatment plant. Pictures I have, taken can coccument this and overall, we will never stay at one of these places again, or any "CROWN RESORTS, LTD." ** IF YOU DON'D MIND DIRTY, NON FUNCTIONING APPLIANCES, BROKEN SAUNA AND POOLS, RUDE AND LYING EMPLOYEES, THAN THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU!!** PS: WHEN WE CHECKED OUT, I ASKED WHO THAT NICE LADY WAS WHO CHECKED US IN LAST SATURDAY. WE WERE ASKED, THE DAY LADY OR THE NIGHT ONE! WE SAID THE NIGHTT ON WHO ONLY WORKS FROM 3 PM TO 9 PM AND WERE TOLD THAT WAS SHELA LINDSEY, A VERY NICE SINGLE WOMAN, AND SHE WOULD BE IN AT 3 PM, IF I WANTED TO COME BACK AND TELL HER HOW NICE SHE WAS I COULD COME BACK THEN. I THEN SAID, NO THANK YOU, SHE WAS A BITCH AND I DID MENTION TO HER I WAS AN INVESTIGATOR BEFORE I RETIRED, THANK YOU FOR HER NAME. OH, YES, MY DAUGHTER SAW HER WORKING THERE ON WEDNESDAY, WHEN SHE WENT TO USE THERE COMPUTER, AS NONE OF THE ROOMS WERE COMPUTER CONNECTED! (oh yea you can contact me, but I rearly check my e-mails, a responce might take a while)
-Review courtesy of JOSEPH LISI (stayed during Apr, 2011)

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