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Steamboat Landing
Resort Reviews

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Overall Rating: 5
9 user ratings (based on 5.0 scale)

Rate Fort Walton Beach

1. Reviewer's Rating: (Horrible - 1 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2009-12-07 00:00:00
Where do I begin, this was the worst place that I have ever stayed in (Steamboat Landing) When we arrived my husband and I thought that there would be staff there to help us with any questions and to give us a decal for our vehicle. Well we found out quickly that we were there alone fearing that our car might get towed because we had no decal to put in the window. We finally went to our room after getting the key from a lockbox. We went to our room and opened the door and the smell almost overpowered us. I was totally blown away. The room looked like the worst cheap hotel nightmare. The furniture was on wheels, the floor was cold tiles with no rugs, the walls were plastered with a popcorn ceiling. Was this a dream or what? Did I travel 300 miles for this? Everything was outdated the kitchen looked horrible. The kitchen was not stocked with the bare necessisty. There were only 2 trash bags and a used dish towel. It was cold when we got there the heat didn't work. The bedroom was the worse. First, the heating unit was located in the room, so when it was on blowing cold air instead of heat you could hear it all night. Which we didn't sleep anyway wbecause the bed was so worn out. If you moved the bed moved with you, sqeaking and moaning like it was going to break down any minute. The sink leaked, there was no place to do laundry , nothing. We talked to someone on staff and all they said was that were aware of the problems and they are in the process of fixing them. Overall, my stay was a disaster and I would think twice before considering to stay at this place ever. I can't call it a resort because it was a joke. They paint a picture to get you there and look out. If you noticed no pictures are posted on the web that would give you a true picture of this mess.
-Review courtesy of JWilliams (stayed during Nov, 2009)
2. Reviewer's Rating: (Above Average - 4 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2009-12-23 00:00:00
I checked into Steamboat Landing after hours. I had no problems obtaining my keys. I had no concerns about my vehicle or anything in the area. My unit was well furnished. The kitchen had everything someone would need but speciality items. The room was very clean and comfortable. I really liked the furniture in the living room. It matched well with the paint on the wall and picture above the sofa. Yes, it appears this is an older resort but it appears to be well maintained. It was a great relaxing location and I encourage everyone to give it a try.
-Review courtesy of Richard (stayed during Nov, 2009)
3. Reviewer's Rating: (Excellent - 5 out of 5 stars) Posted on
Way great! Some very valid items! I appreciate you creating this article nicely rest of the site is also excellent.
-Review courtesy of Enrirlsninade (stayed during Jan, 1998)

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