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Caravanserai Beach Resort
Resort Reviews

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1. Reviewer's Rating: (Horrible - 1 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2009-07-14 00:00:00
I purchased a timeshare July 08 and was told all would be ready Jan 09. Always an excuse and the only thing working is their charging every month my bank with a promise it will be ready in the fall, or the winter etc.
-Review courtesy of hector hernandez (stayed during Jul, 2008)
2. Reviewer's Rating: (Horrible - 1 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2010-05-08 00:00:00
am sending this email to tell you of the deplorable conditions at the Caravanserai Resort in St Maarten. Below is the experience that I had on my stay there last week. ........ OK here is what happened: April 24, arrived approximately 3:00p.m. at the resort (caravanserai)...... I asked where the elevator was and I was told that there was no elevator.....I was in shock as I was told in December of 2009 that the resort was finished, I cannot give you a name however I called the 1 877 # and who ever answered put me through to someone a female and I asked if the resort was finished and I was told yes so I proceeded to pay my maintenance and a couple of months later made my airline reservation.....I did email a couple of times to ask if I needed a confirmation # and I was told no and I also asked if there was a washer and dryer in the room and was told yes (which it was) another question that I did ask was about wi fi connection and was informed that it would cost $13.00 a day, and was never told that there was no elevators and also was not informed that there were no phones in the room........was never told that the floor that my unit was on was under construction.........these things should have been told to me as a matter of good business....... Had I had any of that information I would not have gone to St Maarten this year, as I have bone cancer, and it would be very hard to go up and down the stairs....If only someone would have been honest enough to tell me that....... to get back to the 24th of Aril after I was informed that there was no elevator we proceeded to go up to the room and I again was in shock to see the condition of the floor that we were on it was under construction......we went into the room and I decided to call down to ask if we could change rooms and that was when I found out that there were no phones in the now we had to go down to the lobby where I approached Ray about the condition of the floor and he just pointed and said to go into the room and talk to Tomasina (I hope I spelled her name right) I proceed to tell T. that I find it very hard to go up the stairs as I get short of breath and that I did not like being in a room on a floor that was under construction.....she told me she could not do anything, then Paul told her that I would have a hard time with the stairs and also how could you put us in such disgusting area....she then told him that he was not allowed to speak as he was not the owner, and I told her that he is my guest and he can say anything he wants.....she was very rude and dismissed anything that we told her......when I saw that she would not do anything for us, I asked to have the TV put into the bedroom, she told me that there was nobody that could help with that so Paul said he would move I could be more comfortable as my back was hurting........and we were told in a belligerent manner that if he touched the TV and something happed to it I would have to pay for it......this may be hear say, but the other couples that were there also had a problems with Tomasina..... So we left and went shopping for grocery's and liquor.......... my guest brought everything up to the room as I could not help at all.......then we went out for dinner called it an early night and he in fact did move the TV into the bedroom we locked the door and went into the bedroom to watch TV I was tired and in pain so I fell asleep with the help of a pain killer......... I woke up at 6:30 am and walked into the kitchen to take my medication and I saw the front door wide open I called to my guestl he came into the kitchen looked on the counter and said all our food is gone......liquor, fruit, salsa, peanut butter and all the rest of my organic food that I brought with me from the I am on a nutritional diet to help get rid of the cancer.....I then looked on the dinning table and the jewelry that I had put there when we came home was also gone..... there also were black marks on the kitchen floor, and when we looked outside in the hall he say a piece of one of the backs of the sofa's with foot marks on it.....again we could not call anyone so I was shaking and upset to say the least I got dressed as fast as I could and when we got down to the lobby appox 6:50 there was no one there there were a couple of workers cleaning around the pool and another worker that asked what was wrong I told him and he said some one should be there at 7:00 am they did not show up until 7:10 ( we also did not see any security guards any where)...... we told her and she called Charlene she asked to speak to me and she said there has never been a robbery there before.........she called the police and told me to go back up stairs and not touch anything.....we had to touch the door to get in..... The police came and we told them someone came into the room between 11:30 and 6:30 we did not hear anything. she took our statement and told us to pick up a report that afternoon which we did...... Next the GM and Charlene came into the room and we went over everything again....I then told them I could not stay in that room.....they said they could move us.........all of this could have been avoided if Tomasina was a little more compassionate and went the extra mile to satisfy an owner instead of being abrupt....then to go find out there was no hot water I had to take a shower with cold water not good for my back....... now we had to pack up everything (Sunday) and move to 1st floor.........I still felt very unsafe as this has never happened to me it is a very uneasy feeling.......... Monday after the orientation we noticed the owner was outside the lobby and very calmly walked up to him to ask if he was the owner and the fire works started he told me he did not want to hear anything I had to say my response was you are the owner and you don't care what happened to me, he said no I do not care, call the Police he said , I said I did, Then my guest said I can't believe you are talking to her like that what kind of a man are you, he then said if you do not like it pack up your bags and leave, I responded and said if I had some where to go I would and I would like a check for my unit and I called him an idiot and his response was it takes one to know one....I then said I am going to see Peter.....and went into the sales office...... I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE WAY I WAS TREATED BY THIS @#$%%%@&*^ On Tuesday I was approached by another worker he asked if I was in room C100 I said yes and he handed me an envelope......which stated that I got make up on the towels and I should use tissues to remove my make up or I would be charged to clean the towels.....THERE WERE NO TISSUES IN THE ROOM......I told the worker in the lobby maybe I should charge them for not having hot water for 3 days and no security and no telephones etc etc......just absurd Joann Lauro owned since 2004
-Review courtesy of Joann Laure (stayed during Apr, 2010)

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