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Tenerife Royal Gardens
Resort Reviews

Home Resort Reviews Tenerife Royal Gardens Reviews

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Overall Rating: 5
8 user ratings (based on 5.0 scale)

Rate Playa de las Americas

1. Reviewer's Rating: (Average - 3 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2007-04-05 00:00:00
this was my first holiday abroad,i went with my boyfreind,i found this place not to bad apart from my second week when i moved apartment to find a nice home of cockroaches in the fridge lovely to be spending a day cleaning in my bikini!not what u relly want to be doing on holiday.i found that the was nothing on the complex we had to leave the complex just go for a soft drink,when we arrived we also had to pay deposits for everything.outside the complex during the day was not to bad but we eat out most nights and got dirrohoea!please keep away from the aberdeen steak house as ur steak gets microwaved when there too busy, plus we got dirty cuttlery and got charged a fortune. They added tax to the final bill, plus give u a small roll when u sit down as a gift and that was also on the bill. Also the mexican place underneath the complex wasnt good either because we ordered chicken fajitas and they were like rubber and half cooked and there was not much that could feed 2 people, and it was very expensive also. The italians thats underneath also was expensive and dirt ridden, and also waited nearly an hour for our dinner but at least the time passed by playing with cockroaches at our feet. The best place we had to eat for our breakfasts and dinners was the wee scottish bar/resturant underneath next to the shop. It might not look up to much from the outside but its family run and there scottish, its clean and the food is excellent and there very friendly. I would go here every morning for ur big fry up. Overall Tenerife Royal Gardens is in perfect location right in front of the beach and has Los Cristianos in one side and Las Americas in the other side. The only downside i thought of the complex is theres nothing much to do apart from swim with a lifeguard that sleeps and sunbathe with the cockroaches and the odd cat that comes in and kills the birds when ur putting suntan lotion on. This can be quite funny sumtimes for my boyfriend but im scared of cats and i dont find it funny. They shuld have a poolside bar, i agree with the woman that said everything is a deposit from the reception desk which is very unfair coz thats coming out of ur spending money and u dont get it back to when u leave. Tenerife is a very nice place but the locals u need to watch coz there professional pick pockets and try and rob u when the have the chance. If u had the money i would stay in the hotel next door which is called the Mediterrenean Palace which looks superb and i have heard very good reviews about it.
-Review courtesy of Tracy Moffat (stayed during Jul, 2006)
2. Reviewer's Rating: (Average - 3 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2007-05-11 00:00:00
A lot of people who stay here don't seem to realise that TRG is TIMESHARE. We own 5 weeks here and think the location is fantastic and our appts are always clean. The maids are great and work very hard.The gardens are always well maintained and while there we hardly saw a cockroach.We like the fact that there is no bar as it makes the place a lot quieter.We do think security is a problem. Last year 2006 we were warned of a scam by someone who spends 3 months at TRG and within 3 hours of getting to our room someone rang the bell asking if we had ordered a taxi.We said no and he went off along the back and I saw him try another door.We got straight on to reception to tell them and they suggested we try and detain the man who was a big swarthy Romanian looking chap in an orange T shirt.Of courser by the time security ambled along he was nowhere to be seen.Then later I was telling the next door neighbours about it and they noticed a chair had been moved in their appt and all their money was missing from its hiding place. So it is definitely worth paying the price for a safe.He was obviously targeting empty appts on changeover day.I was glad to see a lifeguard round the pool this year[EU regulations I think] but he did.nt do much except to tell the kids off for throwing balls or using lilos.Bit of a boring job really. About Pasta y Vino ,the fantastic Italian underneath.We can't wait to go back there every year as the food is great and the waiters really entertaining.Very authentic pasta and scrummy pizzas.Must be good as all the Italians go there.
-Review courtesy of c Neathey (stayed during Jan, 2007)

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