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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Frequently Asked Questions

Will your company search accommodations for us? Because all available properties are viewable online, we will not locating lodging for you.

What should I look for when buying a timeshare?  The typical reasons for purchasing a timeshare are simple: it's located in an area you enjoy and is available at the time of year you like to visit. Other factors to consider are your ownership rights, maintenance fees and how the timeshare is managed. Prices vary widely, but are mainly determined by location, the size of the unit and the season (or week) you are purchasing.

How do I get financing for a timeshare? Financing for a timeshare purchase is available through developer programs, traditional lenders, and home equity loans. Expect a minimum down payment of 10%, and up-front charges for taxes, title insurance and annual maintenance. Mortgage interest is usually tax-deductible.

Can I make changes to my listing(s)? - YES!  You can instantly make changes to your listing(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  To make a change to your listing, log-into "My Timeshare" and then click on the link labeled, "Update Listing(s)". From this page you will see all of your listings.  Click on the listing that you want to edit.  You will then be able to make changes to your listing instantly.

Can I make changes to my contact information? - YES!  You can instantly make changes to your contact information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  To change your contact information, log-into "My Timeshare" and then click on the link labeled, "Update Contact Information". From this page you can make any necessary changes to your contact information, with the exception of your email address.  To change your email address, you will need to contact us.

How can I protect myself from potential fraud when renting?  Although the reported cases of fraud are few and far between through our website, we do recommend that you use a secure escrow service or use a major credit card with fraud protection when making a payment to the timeshare owner directly.

What is a "Featured Listing"? - A "Featured Listing" is our premium listing.  All "Featured Listings" appear at the top of the search results, adding to your listing's exposure.  Unlike Standard listings, our Featured listings do not have an advertisement at the top of the listing.

How will an interested person contact me? - Interested buyers or renters will fill out a short form that will then send you an email instantly.  We pride ourselves on the privacy we provide our members, therefore your actual email address will never be seen.  By not allowing web surfers to view your email address, you will never receive spam email from someone who searches from site to site to add email addresses to their spam list.  Be very careful about which sites you give your email addresses to.  Be sure to never give your email address to a site that openly displays your email address.  You never know who is viewing it!  We will never give your email address to a third party, nor will we ever allow someone to send you spam from our site.

Is my contact information kept private? - YES!  All personal information is stored on our secure server during the sign-up process and during any process of making changes to your listing(s).  Be very careful when giving any website your personal information, especially credit card information.   Always make sure that the web address ( starts with "https://".  If you do not see the 's' at the end of the "http", then you are not on a secure page!  It is possible that someone may collect what you have entered!  At, all credit card information is stored in a secure database on a secure and different server than the server we use to store our normal web pages.  This ensures that your personal information is kept safe, even from hackers.  We take extra precaution to ensure that no one else can see what you are typing during sign-up or any editing processes.

Is my credit card information secure?  YES!  We use 128-bit encryption anytime you enter your credit card via our website.  This is the same level of protection you would find on a bank's website.

Where can I view your link exchanges? 
Our link exchanges can be viewed on these webpages:
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Page 2
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Page 5
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Page 6
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