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Puerto Rico Timeshares

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Selling a timeshare or planning a timeshare vacation? Explore our vast resources.

Puerto Rico Timeshares

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Cabo Rojo







Rio Grande



San Juan


Geographically, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean hub, presiding squarely over the waters between Hispaniola and the Virgin Islands. As a commonwealth of the US, however, it remains a world apart from its island neighbours, over a distance that can be measured not just in kilometres, but in dollars. It's island life with infrastructure, the likes of which the Tropic of Cancer seldom sees: excellent interstate highways, for example, allow travellers to zip from coral reef to five-star restaurant, and hikers can traipse through the spectacular El Yunque rainforest on well-paved trails maintained by the US National Forest Service. American influence is strongest in San Juan , where even the ramparts of El Morro - which staved off European aggressors for 500 years - haven't managed to prevent the influx of big-name American fast-food and retail chains. But the capital retains a distinctly Latin character at its core, with Old San Juan hosting a treasure-trove of pastel Spanish colonial architecture on exquisitely restored cobblestoned streets. Despite the threat of overdevelopment from US dollars, most of the 35-by-100-mile island has managed to elude despoilment. Even in the crowded capital, it's hard to find a sullied beach, and outside the major cities nature is largely untouched - especially in the jungly, mountainous interior; on the relatively hidden beaches along the southwest coast; and on the offshore islands. In fact, the rich natural resources and wide range of hiking, birding, diving and caving opportunities make Puerto Rico as much a magnet for eco-tourists as for sun-worshippers.

Puerto Rico timeshares in Cabo Rojo,  Condado,  Dorado,  Fajardo,  Guanica,  Humacao,  Rio Grande,  San Juan,  are Puerto Rico cities with timeshare resorts. You can alternatively view our selection of  Puerto Rico resorts.